Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bear Lake in August

Every summer around my Mom and Ash's birthday we go to Bear Lake... this year it was just a couple weeks after their birthday. It was the last ha rah for the summer and we took the boat up and we were all ready for some fun in the sun and it was a tad too chilly so we did a little hot tubbing and just made the most of our time together!

Funny story behind the next few pictures... this little cow is just down town in front of one of the shops/restaurants... Me and Reese got left a little behind while she was playing with the cow and I was taking some pics....

...Well this is where she waved me over and INSISTED that she take a picture of me...

... It was hilarious, pretty good for a 3 year old!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... she was just a little shocked!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer...

Well... It is the end of August and the summer has pretty much come to an end and I decided I better Post something to make note of all the fun stuff we did....

  • St George
  • School
  • Bear Lake with Jed's family
  • Golf Tournament
  • Bear Lake with my family
  • Celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary
  • Lake Powell
  • Fireworks
  • Softball Games
  • Willard Bay
  • Cherry Hills
  • Family
  • Lots of relaxing alone time Together
  • ...And everything In Between

Jensen's Birthday & The 24th of July

Happy 1st Birthday Jensen!

Spanish Fork Fireworks!

Family Reunion at Cherry Hills

Reese & Dee Dee


Kenadee & Chloee
My Dad
My Mom



Jed & Brin

80th Celebration

Jed's grandparents both turned 80 this year! Grandma & Grandpa Taggart's birthdays are just a few weeks apart so there was a big party planned to celebrate them both! They even had some of their old friends and siblings there. 80 years is a pretty big deal!!!

A great couple!

Sharing Memories...

Each of the grandkids had to get up and say a few things about what was going on in the world when they were their age...