Saturday, August 23, 2008


Tuesday our friends John and Mandi were married in the Salt Lake temple. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Walker. Mandi was a beautiful bride! Weddings always make me happy! For those of you who were in close encounter with me throughout my engagement... you know just how much I loooove weddings! I had about three different types of notebooks/portfolios I carried around with me the entire 4 months that contained all my ideas and plans for my wedding. Don't laugh... they are nice to have as a keepsake now and they were helpful then! If the occupation of a wedding planner was a high demand around these parts I think that would be such a fun job! I would love it! And I am sure every bride and her mom would love my OCD organizational skills (see everyone they come in handy sometimes) I would be a dream come true :) SO if you invite me to your wedding I can assure you I will be there because I just love the atmosphere and feeling at weddings! Takes me back to my special day! CONGRATS JOHN & MANDI!

On our way to John & Mandi's wedding dinner...