Friday, March 21, 2008


My first tag!!!!!!! (actually Britt gave me a hubby tag I have yet to get to..COMING SOON)

The rules of the game: The player answers the questions about themselves then they tag 5 others and leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged.

TEN YEARS AGO...I was 12 and I was in 7th grade! Ha! (that's a hard year to remeber) My best friend was Shay Poulsen. I basically went to school, hung out with my buddies, and I was also taking dance at VaDels in Tremonton. I was a 4.0 student back then.

FIVE THINGS ON MY TO-DO LIST... (I have like ten to-do lists...Yikes. My family and husband like to make fun of my sticky note addiction) 1-Dinner for me and my hubby (we might go out tonight:)) 2-Get in comfy clothes and watch a movie (we are always so tired on Friday nights but nothing is better than cuddling) 3-COLOR EASTER EGGS 4-Write my talk for sacrament!!!!!! Oh man! Don't worry though its the next Sunday, I've got about 8 more days. I am not excited! 5-Clean my car

FIVE PLACES I HAVE LIVED...1-Brigham City 2-Orem 3-Brigham City 4-Orem 5-Brigham City (So I know thats only two places but thats the order I went back and forth ok)

THREE BAD HABITS...1- I am super indecisive! I hate it!!!! 2-Buying Purses 3-I take REALLY long showers

FIVE JOBS I HAVE HAD...1-Idle Isle Cafe - Waitress 2-VOX Promotions - Sales Assistant 3-Utah County Division of Subtance Abuse - Office Specialist/ Secretary 4-Pioneer Care Center - CNA 5- McKay-Dee Behavioral Health Institute - Secretary

IF I WAS SUDDENLY A BILLIONARE...Build a beautiful home!!I would put money into savings to give to all my children. I would share with my family and Jed's. Buy new cars for Jed and I. We would go on lots and lots of vacations . I would buy every shade of MAC eye shadow and all their makeup brushes. EVERYDAY I would have new clothes & shoes! I would have a chef because Jed is so picky! I would have my very own personal trainer and nutritionist. Jed and I would be life-time season ticket holders for The Colts, The Braves, and the Jazz. Buy a boat and jet skiis. I am sure I could go on and on. BUT I would also share with those in need!!!

FIVE THINGS I ENJOY...1-Being married to Jed and sharing our lives (and eternities) together 2-Spending time with family 3-Shopping 4-Going for Drives with Jed 5-Sleeping in

FIVE THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME... 1-In 5th grade I was playing baseball at recess with Jed (who is now my husband) and some other kids and I got my front tooth knocked out with a baseball bat. Now I have a lovely fake tooth :( 2-I was the 2004 Box Elder County Dairy Princess 3-I SERIOUSLY believed in leprechauns when I was little (my two older sister convinced me they were real) 4-I am a HUGE Nicole Richie fan 5-I am slightly OCD when it comes to being organized & clean

I AM TAGGING... Meghan, Amy, and Kristi ( I don't think you've done this yet...HAVE FUN)


Monday, March 17, 2008

The Graves...

Here are a few random pics of me and the hubby...


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So after much anticipation I am going to blog!! YAAY! My sisters kept telling me I needed to get a blog and after a few months...I finally set up my page! And then about a week later (ha) ... I am FINALLY going to post something! Blogging seems like the thing to do these days so we'll give it a try! First off... I have been married to my husband Jed for almost 9 months. WOW how the time flies! Being married gets better and better every day! Jed works full time for Nelsen Sheet Metal and is also going to school. He is working towards a degree in physical therapy. I am also working full time at McKay Dee Behavioral Health Institute and trying to figure out my next step in school. After spending my time finishing my prerequisites for respiratory therapy I don't think that is what I want to do anymore... really I am not sure I could do it. I am not sure my stomach and heart can handle the medical field like I once thought it could. I discovered this in my previous job as a CNA. And I guess I have kinda just changed my mind. I am hoping to start again this summer going to school for Hair or Esthetics. Jed and I both come from awesome families and we love seeing them all as often as possible. We love our nieces and nephews! In between all that Jed and I just like to spend our time TOGETHER. We definitely know how to make each other laugh! Marriage is such a learning, growing experience! I never imagined it would be so great! Well that is us for the most part. I'm sure you'll find out more as the posts come! XOXO